Thursday, Feb 14, 2013


ABOVE: David Beckham tucks into his favourite East End dish of pie and mash
14th February 2013
00 By Sharon Feinstein
The former England superstar will avoid frogs’ legs and garlic during his spell with Paris St Germain.

Becks, 37, had the East End nosh flown out to him when he lived in Spain, playing for Real Madrid.

And friends reckon he will do the same when he starts playing in France.

Pal and pie maker Tony Lane said: “No way will David survive on rich French food.

If he wants me to come and cook for him there, my door
is open

Pal and pie maker Tony Lane
“An Englishman can’t live on frogs’ legs.

“We’ve already been told to send our pies over to France – and it’s not unusual.

“We did the same when he was at Madrid and even deliver them when he stays at the Savoy in London.

“And if he wants me to come and cook for him there, my door is open.”

Beckham is a regular customer at Tony’s pie and mash shop in Waltham Abbey, Essex.

He always orders double pie, double mash, parsley liquor and a side order of jellied eels.

In 2011, he paid for a delivery of pie and mash for all the Tottenham Hotspur players when he finished training with the White Hart Lane side.

Tony, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, added: “My pie and mash has made David the fit man he is. He’d be showing his age a lot more if he hadn’t been eating our recipe regularly.

“Once he’s settled in Paris and knows where he is, he’ll be back in my shop.”