TV's Yvette Fielding says she was a second mum to One Direction's Harry until he hit the big time...
Monday, March 18, 2013

vette Fielding, the former presenter of Living TV's Most Haunted, has become pretty used to mysterious disappearances, but none
has caused her more heartache than the day 1D star Harry Styles 'dumped' her son Will and walked out of their lives.

Harry and Will Fielding, both now
19, were inseparable in their
teenage years. They hung out
together in the fledgling band
White Eskimo and 'absolutely
adored each other'. But Harry
shocked Yvette, 44, by
sending her some rude texts
and then abandoned them
both when One Direction
found success.
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Always together
Former Blue Peter presenter Yvette met Harry when he was only 11 and living with his mum, Anne Cox, in their hometown of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. Whenever Anne was away from home, Yvette took care of him, often making him tea after the boys came home from school.
Yvette explains, 'The first time I met Harry, he did a sweeping bow and got down on his knees on the road. I thought, what a joker, we'll get on well. When he came for tea, he loved pizza and chips and always put on these stupid voices.
'He called me his second mum and he and Will lived in each other's pockets, dressing and talking the same. In the car I'd put Elvis or Little Richard on and we'd sing along. Harry confessed that he wanted to be a singer, but thought he couldn't make it. I told him to follow his dream.
'I remember Harry sitting in our kitchen, saying, 'I'm thinking of buying my own microphone but it seems stupid.' I said: 'Harry, if it makes you feel confident, do it.' He only used it at a wedding once and then begot The X Factor, but I'm
sure he's probably still got it somewhere.'
But then everything changed when Harry became one-fifth of the world's most successful boyband, and Will's friendship was ignored.
Yvette, who is still close to Harry's mum Anne, smiles wryly, observing, 'Anne's life has changed dramatically, it's like she's won the lottery. One minute she was worrying about a kitchen extension, the next minute her son bought her a gated mansion. The kind that only footballers can afford!'
Yvette laughs, 'My presents from Harry were the stale buns he'd bring back at the end of the day from the bakery he used to work in!'
One Direction's schedule ensured that, from the start, nothing could get in the way of them claiming their pop crown. Yvette said. 'Will texted Harry to see if he was coming home. They'd arrange to meet up but then Harry never showed. There were tears from Will and he said, 'I've lost my brother, it's like he's dead.'

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Lots of hugs
'William kept trying and was devastated, but had to learn to let go, because Harry was just gone.'
Yvette continues, 'Harry broke Will's heart. But I'm gobsmacked at how understanding Will's been. A lot of lads would be bitter but he just says, 'I hope somebody is looking out for Harry.' and I think that's the mark of a true friend. I've helped Will through the whole thing with lots of hugs.'
Yvette reveals that Harry had no time to support his old band, either.
'Will asked Harry to tweet about their band, White Eskimo, but didn't get a response until Will said it publicly, then the same night Harry tweeted and their Twitter fans went from 19,000 to over 90,000. Will asked him to come and see the band, but Harry never has.'
Naughty Harry
These days Harry has a new bromance, with Radio One's Nick Grimshaw. The pair partied until the early hours after the BRITs, then Harry helped Nick present his radio show at 5am. The pair admit to swapping clothes and even have the same hairstyle. 'Harry's got celebrity friends now,' Yvette has said.
But it seems Harry, notorious as a ladies' man, began perfecting his womanising ways early on!
'We looked after Harry for a couple of weeks while Anne was on holiday and he was very naughty,' Yvette told us. 'The last time I saw him, we went for a Chinese — his mum and her partner, Robin, plus me and my husband, Karl. Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table. I can't even repeat the words, they were so rude!'

Although she refuses to reveal what was said, Yvette's seen Harry's style in action. 'He's a Romeo, he's very romantic. When there's a love interest, Harry will go all out to get the girl. He's totally obsessed. I think that's what Simon Cowell saw in him, the cheeky chappie charm.'
But Yvette is appalled by Harry's 30-odd tattoos, saying his mum must be devastated he's had so many inkings in the last year since he turned 18.
'I was horrified,' Yvette said. 'I thought, 'Why have you done that to your body?'
'If he'd been around I would have cuffed him over the ears, like I used to do when he was cheeky. I could smack him so hard. I saw the photos and thought, 'I want to shake you.' I was really upset for days.
'But at least he's got enough money to get rid of them...'
Harry (second left) and Will (far right) with their first band. White Eskimo.