At this point some of the money raised has been spent buying a 15 inch Dell laptop for Peter Cox, an environmentalist and leatherback turtle devotee for the past 30 years, who has joined forces with me and vet, Andre Menache, to involve local youth groups in Tobago in building awareness of the need to protect the endangered leatherbacks and stop the slaughter.
Peter did not have a computer, and relied on internet cafes on the island to keep in touch with us and other turtle carers in Britain and the US. I was satisfied this would be an important asset for the turtle work and hope you will agree your money has been reasonably spent. Thank you again for making it possible.


Paul Watson, the Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, founder and president of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society( a direct action group devoted to marine conservation ) has endorsed my campaign and put a link on the Sea Shepherd website.
This is a big boost for our turtle work.
It just takes one of us to bother, and the ground swell of caring people could save this beautiful, ancient species. Having seen only one leatherback turtle laying her eggs, I can honestly say it’s a sight I’ll never forget and always cherish.

Wendy Herron formed SOS Tobago nine years ago to combat the threats facing endangered leatherback turtles – the poaching for meat, eggs, and shells ; coastal development ; entanglement in fishing nets.
Whilst she was in Tobago her organisation patrolled the three primary leatherback nesting beaches, worked with local guides and hotels to reduce the impact of uncontrolled tourism on the beaches, and tried to educate the island’s communities about the importance of conservation.
Since she resigned, I feel this is no longer an effective organisation with any real achievements or track record. Consequently, the leatherbacks continue to suffer enormously, without any co-ordinated rescue operations in place.
I tracked down Wendy in the US and told her about my campaign.

This is her response:
Sharon, I just went to your website; impressive.  Your turtle pages are informative & accurate.  Hopefully the British tourists who flock to the culpable hotels will visit your site. You have stirred up many memories that break my heart and I will send another email to you in a few days to give you my thoughts.
I was particularly taken by the fact that you included a bit about Captain Paul Watson. He answered my call for help in 2001. I will be back in touch in a few days when I have had time to compose my thoughts. Thanks for your help with the "Ladies", they certainly need it.
Best regards, Wendy Herron

Please support this, without the ancient sea creatures who eat jellyfish and contribute to the vital balance of the oceans, our seas will all die, and we will become extinct. We cannot live without the oceans and we need to save these creatures of the sea, instead of focusing our lives on our own gains.